Happy Birthday babies, Halloween and canstanyada.

2 halloween lanterns

October 31st is a busy day in the Snotty Nose house. Most importantly it's the babies' first birthday, but it's also halloween and here in catalunya it's castanyada or chestnut day.

We started our day bright and early (sigh, I'm hoping that it's still the effects of the clocks changing. Forever hopeful!) Galen and Dante jumping around, desperate for the babies to open all their presents. The babies are totally oblivious. Galen is busy 'helping' Sebastian to open a present whilst Sebastian is happily waving a hairbrush around, very pleased with himself.

A baby opening a present

After breakfast, a special birthday visit to the doctors for their one year check up. (The kids have loads of regular check ups here. I got told off once for not going as I didn't really see the point of them. Now I dutifully go.) Anyhow, today they had their MMR and varicella vaccinations as well. They were very brave. And I was very grateful that we moved away from South Wales before the recent outbreak of measles (as they were too young to have been vaccinated.)

A baby opening presents

Special birthday lunch with 2 sets of grandparents (we have 4). Great food (thank you grandma Barbara) and birthday cake. And lots of riding round on our new tricycles (thank you granddad David) and general playing with toys.

After lunch back to school for special castanyada dance and eating chestnuts. All the children do a little dance whilst dressed up as a chestnut seller (a scarf round the neck for boys or head for girls). Generally the dance is children skipping round in a circle (and looking rather bewildered). But it's very cute and afterwards they enjoy eating the chestnuts.

A lady dressed up as a chestnut seller

What an exciting day and I can't believe my beautiful babies are already a year old. Happy Birthday my prince and princess.

A man with 2 small babies