7 Tips to Love Your Pregnancy

Enjoy your pregnancy!” my sister in law texted me when she found out I was pregnant for the first time.

Such a magical moment.

All those days, weeks, months of trying that were fun at first but seemed to roll into an eternity of “not begin pregnant” had finally ended.

After the delicious leap of joy, the excitement soon faded into continuous nausea and the total inability to be able to function.

My brain thought “square”, but “circle” popped out of my mouth.

One day I even went to work with a pair of shoes that weren’t actually a pair.

The nausea! Oh the nausea! It seemed never ending. I’m not sure I would have described the combination of my fuzzy brain and queasy tummy “enjoyment”.

I would have tried any natural remedy to make the nausea go away.

My sister in law had a point though. Pregnancy is a magical time. A time when you need to look after yourself, pamper yourself and remember to love yourself as much as possible.

And enjoy it as much as you can.

Today I’m partnering with Sea-Band who has invited experienced practicing midwife, Gill Perks to give her top tips, to help all mothers-to-be along their pregnancy journey.

7 Tips to Love Your Pregnancy. Pregnancy is a magical time but can be ruined by fatigue and nausea. Here are 7 tips from a practising mid wife to help you flourish during your pregnancy.

Pregnant Women Should Exercise

It is safe for women to exercise when pregnant. Gill recommends that all pregnant women do about 2.5 hours of moderate intensity activity spread throughout the week.

Women who are used to exercise before pregnancy can maintain their level of activity in pregnancy as long as they are comfortable. However, be sure not to try anything new and overly adventurous or more strenuous than usual.

(Ask your midwife for prenatal water aerobics or yoga classes in your area.)

Some Foods Should be Avoided In Pregnancy

Always wash fruit and vegetables carefully before consumption.

Guidance has recently changed and runny eggs are safe to eat if they have the Lion Mark.

Avoid unpasteurised and unripe cheeses, pâté and do not eat more than two tins of tuna fish per week as well as avoiding shark, marlin and swordfish.

Caffeine should only be drunk in moderation. Remember caffeine in coca cola too. Caffeine free herbal teas and infusions are a good alternative.

Alcohol should be avoided altogether.

Pregnant Women Should Wear Gloves when Gardening or Changing Cat Litter.

Wear gloves when gardening or changing cat litter to protect your baby from toxoplasmosis (which can cause problems for your baby’s development.)

Wash your hands before putting anything in your mouth.

Take Advantage of Offers of Help

It’s really important that friends and family offer lots of support in pregnancy.

The first 12 weeks, when expectant mothers can feel extremely tired, especially if they suffer from morning sickness can be tough.

Lap up any help that is offered, cooking, shopping, anything at all.

There is NOTHING better than food that someone else has cooked.

Don’t feel guilty about going for a nap or pampering yourself.

Looking after yourself is your number one priority!

Pregnant Women Should Avoid Tight, Restrictive Clothing

Avoid tight, restrictive clothing, particularly around the waistline.

Pregnancy is a time to make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Varicose veins can also appear during pregnancy, so avoid standing around for long periods and consider support stockings.

See your GP if the problem persists.

Plan Your Birth Experience

Write a birth plan, even better call this ‘birth preferences’ and share it with everyone who will be involved with the birth.

This should ideally be ready by about 36 weeks when a pregnant woman can expect to have an opportunity to discuss her birth preferences with a midwife and perhaps visit their chosen birth setting.

The birth preferences should include who you will want with you during labour and birth and the types of comfort measures you would like, for example, massage, labouring in water or gas and air.

Of course, it is normal that some of these preferences may change during labour and you are free to change your mind! Some thought and consideration of preferences can be really helpful prior to the labour itself.

Allow People to Help After Your Baby Arrives

When people offer you help with your new baby say:

“Yes please, bring me a meal!”

Thank you Gill for those amazing tips. For more tips from Gill and to find your pregnancy super power, pop over to the Sea Bands site.

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Wishing you an amazing pregnancy full of lots of fun and pampering.

7 Tips to Love Your Pregnancy. Pregnancy is a magical time but can be ruined by fatigue and nausea. Here are 7 tips from a practising mid wife to help you flourish during your pregnancy.