6 Amazingly Quick Healthy Snacks for Kids_

Inside: Here at SnottyNoses we’re all about healthy food and healthy snacks for kids. Here are 6 really easy and healthy snacks that your kids will love, thanks to my friend Kendra.

Hello! I’m Kendra, creator of the site ‘tiny tummy tales’ where I share healthy recipes for kids, along with adventure stories to make new recipes and healthy eating habits fun. I’m happy to be sharing some quick, healthy snack ideas here today.

Easy Snacks for Kids

Kids are all about them snacks!

“What’s for snack?”

… is a question I hear daily (or many times per day). Because my boys love snacks I’m always looking for tasty, healthy options that can be easily prepared ahead or made quickly- as in a few minutes from start to finish.

Planning Ahead is Key to Healthy Snacks.

I’m likely not alone in this (at least I hope I’m not!) but I’m not very inclined to start comparing nutritional content of snack options when my 2 year old has his arms wrapped around my leg asking what he can eat and my kindergartener is pulling his snack ideas out of the fridge to ‘help’. ☺

These are some of our favourites that can simply be pulled out and served or put together in short order. They are all quick & delicious for kids.

Tiny Tummy Tales Quick, Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

Fruit and Nut Butter

6 Amazingly Quick Healthy Snacks for Kids

Apples, celery, & bananas all pair well with peanut butter, or almond butter is equally delicious!

Check out Kendra’s superhero banana bites.

Veggies and Hummus

Mix up the hummus ahead of time or buy it pre-made, and this is as quick as pulling out a package of cookies!

Check out SnottyNoses’s healthy hummus.

Fruit Kabobs & Dip

Any fruit that will stay on a skewer is fair game! Mix these up by using seasonal fruit and you’ll get the tastiest, best priced produce available. Dip it in yogurt for fun! We like to use ½ plain, ½ vanilla yogurt.

Check out SnottyNoses’s Apple and Yoghurt Snack (not a kabob but that’s easy to change.)


6 Amazingly Quick Healthy Snacks for Kids

Quick + easy + loaded with nutritious fruits and veggies. Add some fat or protein rather than just fruit and juice, and it’ll keep your hungry little ones full for several hours! Freeze any extras in popsicle moulds for a fun snack.

I’m a huge fan of green smoothies and like to get my boys involved in making them! It’s not always easy to get greens into their diet, but this is one way that always works! (One of the stories on tiny tummy tales is all about teaching green smoothie love!)

Check out Kendra’s Green smoothie magic.

Homemade Granola

6 Amazingly Quick Healthy Snacks for Kids

This is super easy to put together with what you have on hand. Any seeds, nuts, or dried fruit go wonderfully in granola, and it is so simple to pull out for snack. Some ways we love it are with yogurt, with milk, or sprinkled on applesauce! I also like to add quinoa to my homemade granola for a little extra nutrition and to keep us full longer.

Check out Kendra’s Crunchy quinoa granola.

Nuts with Dried Fruit:

Skip the expense of pre-packaged trail mix bags with all their added salt, and make your own healthier mix! I like to save money by buying nuts and dried fruit in bulk. My boys also love when we have a tail mix bar and they can customize their own mix!

Hopefully this list offers some inspiration for snacks at your house! Have your kids join you in making their snack- They are much more likely to happily try something that they had a hand in making! From my kitchen to yours- enjoy!

Check out Snotty Noses’s Home made Trail Mix.

Tiny Tummy Tales

You can find more of Kendra over at Tiny Tummy Tales. She has an amazing free “healthy eating” activity pack for her readers that you can grab here.

Trouble Feeding Toddlers?

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6 Amazingly Quick Healthy Snacks for Kids